Facilities & Equipment

Eugene is fully equipped to apply any coating specs and requirements of customers. Our products meet strict international standards and comply with environmental regulations.


Combined with a heating oven,
Complete indoor trolley conveyor system

Eugene's trolley system is an automated facility arranged for continuous operation along with the process flow.
Products can be placed on hangers installed on the trolley, capable for 360-degree operation.
With the heating oven on during operation, work process can be continued without restriction even in cold or bad weather, which dramatically reduces drying time.
This is the reason why we are able to keep the delivery time and the promise with our customers in any case.

  • Auto Trolley (1)

    • Length: 176M
    • Maximum quantity: 180EA
    • Maximum load: 400kg
  • Auto Trolley (2)

    • Length: 280M
    • Maximum quantity: 560EA
    • Maximum load: 35kg
  • Others

    • 1. HANGER (1.5 ton)
    • 2. PAINT BOOTH
    • 3. BLAST ROOM

Equipment List